Setting up home wireless network – Introduction

Thinking of setting up a home wireless network?

Everyone has gone digital today with all our music, photos and videos stored on our home PCs.

We can do so much more today with our PCs such as video editing, the creation of photo collages, playing online games etc.

Setting up a home wireless network gives us the opportunity to ‘share it all’ with our friends and family.

Setting up a home wireless network needn’t be intimidating and the benefits are enormous.

Setting up home wireless network – Router

If you already have a broadband internet connection, adding a wireless router will allow you to not only share your internet connection with all of your home PCs and laptops but also the built in router switch and wireless access point will allow your home PCs to communicate directly with one another allowing the instant sharing of all of your music, video, photos and other media.

Not only that but the wireless routers built in hardware firewall and wireless data encryption will protect all of your PCs and laptops from online threats and anyone trying to break in to your wireless home network.

Wireless allows our entire home PCs, laptops and other digital wireless devices to link up wherever we are in and around our home – all without the mess and nuisance of wires.

Setting up a home wireless network will also enable you to build a wireless home media network allowing you to stream video and music around your home and to your home TV! 

Setting up a home wireless network – Printer sharing

Another use for your home wireless network is the sharing of a wired or wireless printer connected to one of your home PCs or even better, direct to your router via a print server which will not require you to leave a PC on.

A wireless printer could be placed anywhere allowing you to situate it conveniently for all to use or to keep your home neat and tidy by tucking it out of the way. 

Setting up a home wireless network – Easy backup

The addition of a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device can act as a file server so that anyone on your home network can access files and media at any time without relying on one or more PCs being permanently powered on by backing up all files to one convenient place.

These babies are much cheaper to run than a PC and can be left powered up on your network with all of your PCs and laptops etc having direct access to files and media via your home wireless network.

Hey, you can also get them with a built in print server!

A NAS will allow you the freedom and convenience of storing all of your music and video in one accessible ‘on demand’ place with a music or video streaming device connected to your home entertainment system and your wireless network providing instant access to your media.

A NAS will also make the process of file and data backup a snap! 

Setting up a home wireless network – Wireless gaming

Connect up your games consoles too!

Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation – these can all be connected up to your home wireless network very simply and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation are capable of streaming music and video ‘as is’ with very little setting up to do. 

Setting up a home wireless network – It’s so easy!

On this site you will find all you need to know for setting up a home wireless network that need not cost the earth and is extremely quick and easy to do – the advent of wireless has made it all so much easier for anyone to set up a home wireless network.

You’ll find help here with setting up, troubleshooting, security etc and all in simple terms with clear instructions and accompanying pictures.

Most PCs and generally all laptops today will come with built in network capabilities.

Laptops should all have wireless capabilities built in and desktop PCs will generally have on-board wired Ethernet LAN capabilities and sometimes wireless capabilities too.

Older laptops may not have these wireless capabilities built-in but not to worry, its easy to add this function and we show you how on this site with clear simple instructions.

Likewise we show you how to add wireless capabilities to a desktop PC enabling every PC and laptop in your home to join in the fun!

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are all geared towards the simple set up of a wireless network (Windows XP will need Service Packs 2 and 3 installed and Windows Vista should have Service Pack 1 installed prior to setting up) and you will find all you need to know to set up your wireless router and wireless network adapters within this site. 

Setting up home wireless network – Our guides

To find out more about how to set up your home wireless network now visit the following pages for clear simple instructions…

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