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Home Network Attached Storage Device – Introduction

Adding a Home Network Attached Storage device or NAS is one of the best ways to share and backup files on your home network. You can add one easily to any home network but for the fastest access times you

Wireless Booster – Introduction

Why would you want to add a wireless booster? Are you suffering from some annoying dips in your wireless network reception or can’t quite reach the furthest extremes of your house and home with your wireless signal? Worry not –

Wireless Router Security – Introduction

Configuring your wireless router security is key to ensuring that your wirless network is ‘locked down’ against attack from hackers and other online nasties! This guide assumes that you already have a home wireless network and router installed. A wireless

Setting up a Wireless Network Adapter – Introduction

Read on to learn how to install and set up your wireless network adapter. Here you will find all you need to know to set up your wireless adapter for your PC or laptop. Be sure to read our Installing a

Installing a Wireless Network Adapter – Introduction

More and more people are setting up wireless networks in their homes and in order to make use of this all of your PCs and laptops will need to have a wireless network adapter fitted. Connecting to the proliferation of public hotspots

Setting up a Wireless Router – Introduction

Before reading our guide to setting up a wireless router you may wish to read our installing a wireless router guide Our aim here is to add a wireless router to allow sharing of your ISP internet connection between all of your

Installing a wireless router – Introduction

Installing a wireless router and setting up a home wireless network doesn’t cost the earth, can be accomplished by anybody using the simple steps and know how available in the guides you will find here at PC Tips and Tricks.

Setting up home wireless network – Introduction

Thinking of setting up a home wireless network? Everyone has gone digital today with all our music, photos and videos stored on our home PCs. We can do so much more today with our PCs such as video editing, the

Laptop Wireless Internet Access

Laptop Wireless Internet Access – Introduction So, you’ve got a laptop, its wireless capable, and you’re all set to connect up to the Internet but how so? Well, there are several options open to you to obtain laptop wireless Internet