Build Your Own Computer

Welcome to this guide, which details how to build your own computer that you will surely be very proud of!

Build a Gaming Computer – Your very own blisteringly fast sizzling beauty, the envy of all your friends. Wow! You built this yourself!

Build your own Video Editing PC – Rip through your video editing like a hot knife through butter!

Build a Home Theater PC – Whisper quiet, Blu-Ray enabled, PVR/TV card all tucked away in a cute compact case by your TV.

After you build your own computer you will have the confidence to tackle friends and neighbors PC questions and perhaps show them how to build a computer of their own or make some money building or upgrading PCs for others.

Most people will find this to be an extremely satisfying task and it will give you the knowledge to ensure that you build a PC that you need rather than what is on offer from manufacturers and retailers selling ready built systems.

You will be knowledgeable about computer and component specifications, what to choose, and how to configure your finished custom built PC.

We will discuss trouble shooting your PC, installation of Windows XP and Windows Vista, Bios set-up and details on backing up your hard drive.

Finally we will give you some advice on how to keep that lovely new PC of yours running smoothly and what to install to help ensure this.

So come on, let’s get to it!

Why Build Your Own PC?

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To build your own computer is the only way to get exactly what you want and need at a price you set yourself whilst at the same time becoming familiar with all the specifications and terminology to allow a greater understanding of the beast.

Aside from this you will come to know all about the expansion or upgrade possibilities available for your PC and what choices to make to ensure flexibility.

You may rightly point out that if you do build your own computer then you may not necessarily save yourself a great deal of money and therefore why go to all the effort?

Well, because you will be able to choose each component to fit your needs, understand what each component does within the PC as a whole and be able to fix it yourself should anything go wrong.

Build your own computer and the performance will be tailored to your needs and you will be able to decide upon all the little details such as aesthetics, quality of components, processor make and speed, hard drive and storage capacity, graphics capability etc.

Plus, its damn good fun!!

And next time your PC starts to look a little dated you’ll have all the knowledge to decide whether you just need to change your graphics card, perhaps add some memory or hard drive, or whether you need to look at something more involved, like changing your motherboard or even a complete new system.

If you’ve chosen the right components you should have a PC that will last years with maybe an occasional upgrade to keep the performance up-to-date

But if you do build your own computer what about service and repairs you say?

Every component you purchase will come with its own warranty. Far better to have the knowledge and convenience to be able to fix it yourself rather than having to send it away for repair or be charged an astronomical call out rate.

Before We Begin

You need to make some decisions now as to what you will be expecting your PC to do for you. Are you going to be just emailing, writing letters and surfing the Internet or are you perhaps going to be doing lots of video editing for instance.

Or, perhaps you’re a gamer who needs the latest and greatest to keep up with your gaming software needs. 

Click here to look at some sample systems to give you an idea of what to look for.

Choosing Components

You should now have an idea of the basic system specification that you require.

From this we need to look at each individual component required to make up your custom PC.

There are a lot of interrelated parameters here, which will dictate what to look for after you have made some initial choices.

Our suggested order of component selection is as follows: –

• CPU – Manufacturer, Type and Speed

• Motherboard – Manufacturer and processor suitability

• Memory – Compatible with motherboard?

• Graphics card – Compatible with motherboard?

• Hard Disk Drive – SATA or IDE

• Sound card – if required, maybe part of motherboard

• Optical Drive – DVD, Blu-Ray

• Other – Power supply, case etc.

The first four items in our list have a lot of parameters that are inter- related and will need to be chosen very carefully.

Go back and forth over your choices until you are absolutely certain that they will work correctly with each other. Although all PC parts are specified so that they will work with each other, sadly this is not always the case.

Motherboards are notoriously fussy about some memory and graphic cards; always visit the manufacturer’s website for advice on suitability of an item before purchasing.

Read the next section carefully before making your final decisions

OK then, lets go!

Go through the steps below one by one to choose your components before going on to the next stage which details building and setting up your PC.

  1. Choose a Processor
  2. Choose a Motherboard
  3. Select Your Memory
  4. Choose Your graphics card
  5. Select a Case
  6. Choose a Hard drive
  7. Choose a DVD burner
  8. Choose a Blu-ray burner



Now on to the next stage which details building and setting up your PC.

  1. How to install a CPU
  2. How to install a Motherboard
  3. How to install RAM
  4. Installing a graphics card
  5. Install new hard drive
  6. Installing an optical drive
  7. Installing a power supply



And once you have finished building your PC you will need to install your operating system

  1. How to install Windows 7
  2. How to install Windows Vista
  3. How to install Windows XP


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