About Me

My name is Colin and I am the owner of PC Tips and Tricks.com.

I live with my family on the beautiful south coast of England here in the United Kingdom.

I have been interested in and using computers at work and home for – well, let’s just say it’s a very long time eh! 

Early Years

As a kid I was always interested in the workings of things I found around the house and home and was forever tinkering with various bits and pieces and pulling them apart to find out how they worked and so on.

Well, soon this led to a hobby in electronics with me building various radios, amplifiers and eventually my own Hi-Fi system 🙂

From this it was kinda obvious where I was headed – something where I could get my head and hands working and get creative! 

Start of a Career

So I went on to work in the electronics industry where I am now a Hardware Electronics Design Engineer. I have been involved in the design of, along with many other aspects of complex electronic systems, power supplies for computers and computer systems and through my work have come to have a pretty good understanding of the ins and outs and workings of todays PC.

I have run my own electronics design company and worked for some of the major players out there and been involved in many interesting projects – I have one of my designs, the most challenging and one I am most proud of, – out there in space! It’s a very complex power conditioning system operating from a solar array that controls and Ion Thruster propulsion engine for satellite orbit stationing.

I’ve worked on radar sytems, In-flight entertainment systems, medical electronics and telecommunication projects etc

Computers were a natural attraction for me and once you could get hold of individual components and build your own my interest in them really took off!

I’ve built, stripped down and modified more than I can remember and have never lost my fascination for them.

Everyone in my family has one, we’re all networked together, and they’ve all been built by me – except now my kids are getting in on the act, they’re starting to build their own too!

A number of years ago a friend asked me why I built my own – why didn’t I simply go out and buy one? I explained to him the shear pleasure I got through putting together my own PC to my own specification and knowing all there is to know about it without having to rely on anyone else to set it up and fault find it if it ever went wrong.

Well, that same guy – who let me tell you was pretty adamant it was a waste of time and very risky – now builds his own PCs for friend and family and is a member and contributor of many PC forums.

Very addictive these PCs! 

Why Listen to me?

So, why would you take my advice when you want to find out all about building your own PC or setting up a network or choosing components for an upgrade say?

Well I’d like to think that hopefully you will like what you see and come to trust my site for the info you need.

You see there are lots of people out there on the net who claim to know all about PCs but not many who have actually been involved in the design of circuits used in your PC.

Hey! – you know that VRM powering your processor on your motherboard? – yep, designed one of those.

That High Efficiency Kilowatt power supply with PFC of yours? – Yep, designed many of these too! 

My Other Interests

Ok, well enough of all that! – So, besides PCs, what else floats my boat? Well, when I do get the time to unwind I enjoy music, the beach and country walking, playing guitar and holidays in the great outdoors of the USA when I can with my family.

So far we’ve explored California, Boston, Vermont, Colorado, Utah and Florida – I can’t wait to get back there for my next fix!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site and should you wish to contact me please do so – I am always happy to hear from people with quhttps://web.archive.org/web/20160503214915/http://www.pc-tips-and-tricks.com/contact.htmleries and constructive comments though do bear in mind it might take a day or to for me to get around to responding to you- hey, it’s a busy old life sometimes 🙂

Thanks for visiting my site!

All the very best